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The time we spend at Kellogg allows us to reflect on what we truly value in life, what we are trying to accomplish and the type of leader we aspire to be. After graduation, with every passing day, there will be more and more competing voices in our lives and challenges to work through. While these new life experiences will teach us a lot, it would be great to have a way to look back and remember how we felt at graduation, when our goals and aspirations were most clear in our minds.

The idea for the Kellogg Portrait Book came out of a dinner with a friend, and passionate photographer, Hemant Goyal. He had an idea to take pictures of each member of the Class of 2014 holding a personal message and to put the pictures online for the students to see. After more discussion over good food and wine, the idea started to transform into something we believed could be larger, more impactful and create a new tradition at Kellogg. The Kellogg Portrait Book will be a coffee table book with a portrait of each student along with a message they would like to remind themselves of 10 years from now.  This book will stay with us no matter where our lives take us and will be a great way to not only remember ourselves at this pivotal point in our lives, but also the classmates we shared this transformative experience with.

With the involvement of the student body and the help of the Kellogg Photography club, we are well on our way to kick starting this new tradition with the 1st edition of the Kellogg Portrait Book- Class of 2014.

Mala Sharma ’14 (@malakaruna) is a second-year student in the 2Y Full-time MBA program from Connecticut. Prior to Kellogg, she worked at JP Morgan in Product Management and Strategy, spending two years in NYC and four years between Hong Kong and Singapore.  Over the summer, she worked at E&J Gallo Winery in Brand Management within the Spirits division, where she will be returning after graduation.