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Students spell out Kellogg during CIM Week 2013
Students spell out Kellogg during CIM Week 2013

As Kellogg students settle into Thanksgiving break and look back on their last quarter, we asked, “What skills, knowledge or experiences are you most thankful to have gained from your time at Kellogg so far?” Read what a few students had to say:

Jasmine LipfordThe team environment at Kellogg has been by far the most impressive and impactful thing I’ve experienced to date. At Kellogg, “collaboration” is not just business-school recruiting jargon. My classmates, section-mates, assignment groups and case competition teams have taught me so much about working with others and about the subject matter that we’re covering. It often seems that my group members are just as responsible for my business education as my professors are, and they take that responsibility very seriously. I believe that my learning and development has been accelerated thanks to the helpful and collaborative team environment at Kellogg.

— Jasmine Lipford ’15

Aftab KhannaThe team building, section bonding and events such as CIM Olympics and Showcase. Even though I have been in such situations before, soft skills through the MORS course really helped to put a framework on the situation. DECS has been tough but interesting – it has provided good insight into data and how to analyse it. I have also been polishing some of my networking skills by speaking to a lot of second years and attending corporate presentations!

— Aftab Khanna ’15

Rahshiene TahaThere are many things that attending Kellogg has provided me, but the experience that I am most thankful for was GIM Brazil. The lifelong friendships I forged, the amazing international business leaders I had the opportunity to speak with and learn from, and the opportunity to visit Brazil, which is now favorite country in the world, was truly a transformative experience. I feel blessed beyond belief to have had the opportunity to participate in GIM Brazil. Obrigado!

— Rahshiene Taha ’14

James RowanI am most thankful for the exposure I have received over the past few months to different industries and positions. Coming out of undergrad, it felt like all of my friends went into consulting or finance, and many of my friends in Boston were in one of those two industries. Kellogg has opened my eyes to a host of other industries and positions that I would not have ordinarily considered – through company information sessions, class case studies and interaction with my fellow classmates. For example, my KWEST trip included people from consumer and packaged goods firms, politics, start-ups, advertising, medicine, the military, education – I was the only consultant in the group!

— James Rowan ’15