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Evanston in the fall
Evanston in the Fall

So where do we live in America? It’s this cozy suburb of the metropolitan city of Chicago called—just Evanston. Snug away from the hustle bustle of the city, it’s a quiet town that houses Northwestern University. The Kellogg School of Management is located very close to downtown Evanston, and if you happen to live in the Northwestern Apartments called McManus (especially reserved for only Kellogg residents), you will find yourself bang opposite the Orrington Hilton Hotel in the center of downtown Evanston.

Local Spots

Pubs like JTs, Prairie Moon and Tommy Nevin’s will become your midnight hangout dens. You will find yourself eating at Panera Bread, Giordano’s Pizza and Chipotle a lot! The Evanston Public Library is right next to McManus and the membership is free! For JVs who don’t work (and this bit of information will be really helpful) you can issue up to 75 books/movie DVDs at one time (again, all for free!) for your constant entertainment! Citibank and Chase will be your local banks, and you will take the Metra to downtown Chicago very often! For the health freaks, there is LA Fitness gym, pilates and barre classes. Lots of organic food is also on sale at Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s. A Jewel Osco in the proximity makes life quite easy as well!

The Weather

The weather is generally very bipolar. It swings 10 degrees Celsius in just a day sometimes. We have seen temperatures as low as -2 degree Celsius already, and it’s just October! Lake Michigan has awesome parks alongside it for evening jogs, but the icy cold winds ensure that you layer up before stepping out! There are lots of dog beaches for pet owners, too. Fall season is pretty scenic and could be a photography enthusiast’s delight. Yellow lights from downtown Chicago light up the evening sky.

Evanston beach
Evanston Beach

The City

The city is pretty safe (a bunch of us girls have walked back safely to our apartments at 1 a.m. after a movie). Uber cab service is recommended by Dean Blount for nearby travel. Clothes and apparel are easily available. The city should be a joyride for people seeking some peace and solitude from the shimmers of noisy big cities! Some find it dull, but the many events at and around Kellogg make it an engaging and enriching journey. Definitely one that all should get a chance to experience! In a nutshell—we love Evanston (until we find a job, at least!).

Yashika Khanna is an international JV from New Delhi, India. Before she started whiling away time in Evanston while her husband studied at Kellogg, she was a Television News Producer and a journalist. She has degrees in television journalism, commerce and business.