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Briel Steinberg '13I think I’m still too close to graduation (five days later) to articulate exactly how I have changed and grown during the past 22 months at Kellogg. What I do know is that I am a more confident and more skilled individual and am incredibly sad to leave Kellogg but incredibly excited to unleash those skills and that confidence on the world at large! The people I have met here have challenged me to think differently, to think bigger and, yes, indeed, to think bravely. I wouldn’t trade being a member of the Class of 2013 at Kellogg for anything in the world.

—Briel Steinberg ’13

Viren Tellis '13

During my time in the JD-MBA program, I’ve been surrounded by amazing peers. I’ve learned how to work with and lead individuals that are often times stronger in the subject matter at hand, and that’s a tool that will be handy after school. The joint degree has also challenged me academically and provided for me socially. As a result, I now know that my bandwidth for taking on projects and engagements is much greater than what I had understood it to be before Kellogg.

—Viren Tellis ’13

Patrick Merfert '13

By being surrounded with the highest caliber students (and friends) for the last two years, my ambitions for the path ahead have soared. I have emerged from Kellogg much more confident in my abilities to tackle any challenge and with the hunger to take calculated risks.

—Patrick Merfert ’13