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Kellogg Reunion 2013 Group Photo
Kellogg Reunion 2013 Group Photo

After adapting to a new school, new schedule and new friends during the fall quarter at Kellogg, the winter and spring quarters were all about recruiting for 1st year students. This is what it all comes down to. We’ve all quit our jobs, said goodbye to a steady income and trusted that we can find our dream job after graduation. So, the internship is a crucial next step on that road map.

For me, Kellogg is a chance not only to change career paths (from marketing to consulting), but also locations (goodbye Illinois winters, hello San Francisco). At first, this seemed like a daunting process, especially when a lot of the consulting recruiters on campus come from Chicago-based offices.

That’s where the power of the Kellogg alumni network kicked in for me. After speaking with Ellen Katt ‘11, the lead Kellogg recruiter for The Boston Consulting Group this year, I mentioned that I was going to be visiting San Francisco for Thanksgiving week and would like to visit the BCG office. Within hours, she had already connected me with Jen Ryu ‘10, who then arranged a full morning visit with other Kellogg alumni during my trip.

From there, the Kellogg alumni that I had met either in person or via email became my advisory board throughout the recruiting cycle. They answered my questions, calmed my nerves and were the first to cheer when I got the job offer.

To me, Kellogg instills a sense of giving back in every sense of the word – 1st years help their friends with applications, 2nd years help 1st years with recruitment and alumni help all current students succeed in what they are looking to do.

Take my word – my story is not unique. I can tell you that Kellogg students are looking to move into seemingly every industry, job function and locale. The best part is that there are always Kellogg alumni in those spaces to help us out and make sure we achieve our goals.

Mitch Colgan is a 1st year student blogger who is majoring in international business, marketing and marketing management.