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Auditing Classes as a Joint Venture
Auditing Classes as a Joint Venture

I recently asked my husband if, after every class, he felt as excited and motivated as I did. Even though he said “yes” (and I’m sure he does), I also believe our appreciation is somehow different. I know he worked very hard to be here, but Kellogg calls me a JV (Joint Venture) and allows me to audit classes with all these wonderful, in-demand professors without paying additional tuition.

Need more reasons to understand my great appreciation and excitement? Here are five:

1. Even though I left my country, work, family and friends to support my husband on his Kellogg journey, the opportunity to audit classes makes me feel that my time here is very well spent.

2. As a foreigner and under a spouse visa, I have limited or no access to work or studies in the U.S. Auditing classes has become one of my favorite activities and has proved to be a very enriching experience.

3. The professors and students at Kellogg are incredible, so I try to learn as much as I can from them during my time here. I feel a very special need to take advantage of everything about this opportunity.

4. I only audit classes I really want, love, and enjoy and can do so without the added pressure of performing well on exams or papers.  And, as a bonus, I didn’t have to go through the application process or take the GMAT to be here!

5. Last but not least, my husband is happy that I’m happy, and I will never regret supporting his dream to come to Kellogg.

Daniela Obregon is the Joint Venture of Roberto de la Garza 13′. Originally from Mexico, Obregon worked at Gamesa-Quaker, part of Pepsico, prior to Kellogg. You can follower her on Twitter at @daniela_obregon.