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How time flies! It feels like just yesterday that I sat here, likely in the same spot, putting final touches on my application essays. Today, as I sit back and reflect on this past quarter, I am truly blown away by how much I have learned in just a few months – not only from an outstanding faculty but from a VERY accomplished peer group.

From the moment I landed on campus until the last day of finals, it has been a whirlwind of challenges and opportunities. The video montage captures just a few of the highlights from the past quarter: 


There were so many great memories, but my favorites have just been hanging out with my new friends and getting to know them in the incredibly supportive community that is Kellogg.

And while I know that the next few months are going to be tough and busy with internship searching and interviews, I have resolved (yes, I do new year resolutions) to be more grateful this year. As we transition into the new year, I feel incredibly thankful: for the opportunities Kellogg has provided, the amazing friends I’ve made and the fact that we have, bar none, the best Career Management Center around.

Happy New Year to everyone and best wishes to all Round 2 applicants!