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Kellogg Convocation Ceremony, 2012

Wow! It’s been over four months; four months since I walked across that commencement stage, shook Dean Blount’s hand and said so long to the people that I’ve spent the past two years with. Since graduation, I went on a 2-week trip to Europe with two of my best buds from Kellogg. It was great to have one last hurrah with them because we are all in different cities now. Though we are all working and busy with our lives back in the real world, I still keep in touch with all of my Kellogg friends via text, Facebook and email.

After the trip, I made the big move to New York City. This is my first time living in the Big Apple. I am adjusting to the new pace, the climate and the complicated subway system. I do miss Kellogg quite a bit. Seeing the rising 2nd-years posting things on Facebook about classes, KWEST trips and even the recruiting makes me very nostalgic. I was lucky to be asked to represent the recent alum perspective in several Kellogg Info Sessions here in New York for this application cycle. I’ve always enjoyed doing admissions-related activities and sharing my love for this school. Meeting prospective students who are excited about Kellogg took me back to when I was in their shoes, now ages ago it seems. I had a great two years as a Kellogg student, and now I am excited to continue my involvement as an alum. I am already looking forward to our 1-year reunion in April!

Good luck to those of you applying this year!