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Now nearly a month out from receiving their degrees, some of our graduating bloggers had the time for reflection. We asked them: What will you remember most about your time at Kellogg? Here are their answers.

“I came to Kellogg with a variety of expectations in terms of academics, professional networks, personal friend circles, new culture, job prospects etc. However now at the end of the year if there’s one thing that I had to recall it would be incredible environment of help and support. I’m trying to avoid using the most common Kellogg adjective – collaboration – but frankly it’s in the school’s DNA. Be it the friendly staff at the admin office, the faculty, students, alums or even the servers at Kafe Kellogg, it seems like everyone is always there just waiting to help you. And it’s such an infectious positive energy that you too are sucked in and before you realize it, someone is thanking you for “helping” her when you didn’t even think you actually helped! Kellogg is all about its people and I am glad that I am being able to take back with me a very strong network of relationships.” – Suhel Banerjee, One-Year MBA

“There are so many memories that I’ll never forget, from the life-long friendships that I have established here to the many trips that I’ve taken with classmates both for fun and as part of experiential learning to all of the great classes that I’ve taken. What I will remember the most is doing my part these past two years to strengthen the Kellogg culture and spirit. We are so privileged to develop and thrive as an individual and a team member in an environment that is student-driven, collaborative, intellectual and sociable. The Kellogg culture cannot be maintained on its own. It takes each of us to keep it going by getting involved, taking on a leadership position, and sharing our experiences with each other and future Kelloggians. I am now looking forward to represent the Kellogg brand and continue to contribute to the Kellogg culture and spirit as a proud Kellogg alumnus.”  – Tony Shan, Two-Year MBA

“Most of all, I remember the people. My classmates were not only some of the smartest people I’ve met but they were also humble and down to earth. Coming from jobs and cities in every corner of the world, my classmates offered a diversity of perspectives and unique set of experiences that was admirable. Among the specific highlights for me was going on KWEST and attending my first class with my section.  Given the bonds we have all formed, we will continue to be friends, colleagues and supporters for years to come. And the link that keeps us together is Kellogg!” – Jeremy Wilson, JD-MBA