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This entry is long overdue. I kept starting and stopping because it is so hard to recap an experience of a lifetime in words.

June 15, 2012. Commencement day of the Kellogg Class of 2012. Yep. I said it. As much as I wanted to prolong my wonderful two years at this great school, I have now become a proud alumnus, joining a fantastic network of those who came before me.

This day has been a mix of emotions for me, from a sense of accomplishment for finishing two years of MBA to a touch of sorrow for not going to be able to see the same faces every day to a load of excitement for what’s ahead. These two years are not possible without the support of many many people. I want to take this time to acknowledge all those people who have helped and guided me through this process. First and foremost, I couldn’t have done this without the love and support of my wonderful family, especially my mom. They have sacrificed so much to pave the way for my success. To the professors, they impart wisdom on us every day, preparing tirelessly on their lectures so we can learn the tools that we will need in the real world. To the staff and administrators, their support and willingness to let the students grow as leaders and listen to our voices make the unique Kellogg culture what it is. To my fellow classmates, I learned just as much from their personal and professional experiences if not more. The friendships and connections I’ve made are meaningful and valuable. Lastly, to KWEST Mystery, both 2010 Jordan and 2011 Zanzibar, I had the privilege of joining this wonderful family within the Kellogg family. The memories we shared and created will remain near and dear to my heart. 1-2-3 Mystery!

When I left my home state of California two years ago to embark on this journey to Evanston, Illinois, I knew that I will return after two years. I went in with no expectations except to somehow find my way back to California after graduation. It just shows how life has its own plans for you when you least expect it. Perhaps the greatest gift that Kellogg has given me is meeting the love of my life. I will be traveling for a couple of weeks to Eastern Europe in July with two of my best buddies from Kellogg and then moving to New York to continue my Kellogg love. After that, it will be work time and then continue to contribute to this great school by being a useful alum. Once a Kellogg MBA, always a Kellogg MBA. Celebrate.