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This past week was the 33rd edition of Special K!, a production written, directed and performed by current Kellogg students. Each year Special K Revue has presented a different but always satirical view of life at Kellogg School of Management through the unique lens of that year’s Production Board. The show has grown in all aspects, and the latest production “Kelloggeddon!” boasted a band complete with rhythm, horn, string sections, and of course, a zither ; high-tech stage lighting and theatrical effects; and a wide variety of music, dance, and drama sketches.  Hilarity ensues.

I am constantly amazed by how talented my classmates are. I went to the last show on Saturday night, which was also the special alumni show. The Special K! alums (who performed at last year’s show) returned from wherever they live now to cheer on this year’s cast and crew. It really shows how much the alums value their experiences at Kellogg and their continued support for current students. This year’s show paid homage to the many changes we have all seen unfold at Kellogg this past year. It was a celebration of not only the Kellogg we all love today, but also the even stronger and more vibrant Kellogg of tomorrow.

For those of you that are joining us in the fall, you can catch the fall show during your orientation!