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No, it’s not the movie about Michael Jackson. I can’t believe this is my last quarter here at Kellogg. These two years flew by in a blink of an eye. It is true when they say time flies when you are having a good time. Graduation is in 2 months! This is definitely a bittersweet quarter. Though I am ready to take what I learned and go back to the “real world”, I can’t help but feel sad about leaving Kellogg. I can be assured however, that I will always be connected to the Kellogg family. The brand and network will only grow stronger over time. The friendships that I’ve made here will continue no matter where we are. My goal for this quarter is to strengthen the ties that I have with my Kellogg friends, because these are the people that I want to have my back in the professional world and be at my wedding some day. I have transitioned most of my extracurricular responsibilities to new leaders from the 1st year class, so I have a lot more time to do lunches with people and explore the city of Chicago. A group of us scheduled regular afternoon high tea time to try out all the cool tea places in the city. I also have a little bit more time to watch TV now, so I’m attending a weekly “Revenge” viewing party as well.

I am looking forward to this upcoming weekend, which is the 2nd session of Day at Kellogg Admit Weekend. I am once again a section leader heading up the Puppies section. I am excited to meet the admits from Round 2 and those who couldn’t make the DAK 1 session. We have a fun and informative couple of days planned for the attendees where we will hopefully provide a holistic view of what Kellogg is like and why we are here to this incoming class. For more information on DAK and read about my advices to those coming to DAK, you can search for my previous entry “When you DAK, I DAK, just like that”. Hope to meet many of you admits who read this blog at DAK II!