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Every business school offers unique opportunities to travel to and experience different parts of the world. At Kellogg, Global Initiatives in Management, or GIM, classes are one of the most popular ways to satisfy the school’s Global Elective Requirement.

I chose GIM SE Asia because I had never been to any of the four cities that the class was traveling to – Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, Bali & Singapore. For two weeks over spring break, our group of 35 immersed ourselves in the various cultures of these different countries; we learned about different parts of the economy  through business meetings, saw historical sights and ate lots and lots of delicious food! One of the highlights was exploring Singapore – a city that created so many things for itself and offered endless amounts of “hawker” street food  like chicken rice and satay. And, there is no doubt that our cultural weekend in Bali provided some much needed relaxation and sun-tanning by the pool.

However, the most impressive part of GIM is seeing the global reach of Kellogg; it is something that we often hear about as prospective and admitted students. But, it is not until you travel abroad and understand the access you can have as a member of the Kellogg network that you truly grasp the power of the school’s brand name. Companies like Astra International and Simone (makers of Coach handbags) go all-out in inviting us into their companies. Our alumni overseas are not only powerful individuals (Chairman & CEO of Singapore Airlines!) who are instrumental in shaping the region’s business operations, but they are individuals who are passionate about Kellogg and care so much about protecting, growing and marketing the Kellogg reputation – a sentiment that I think all of my peers that went on other GIM trips would support. GIM offered a unique way to spend spring break, and provided us all with one of the most memorable experiences at Kellogg.