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Second year has been a lot more relaxing than my first year, predominately because I am in the groove of things and know how to manage my time better. I also have more time to explore subjects that I don’t have any experiences in but are interested to know more about. Since I finished all of my core courses in my first year, I was able to take elective courses that really interest me this year. I took two elective classes under the Entrepreneurship major last quarter- Strategic Franchising and Managing Turnarounds. It was fascinating to learn about entrepreneurial ventures and issues relating to start-ups. Taking these two classes have really broaden my horizon and exposed me to the world of innovation and new ventures. I am actually amazed that many of my Kellogg classmates and alumni have really great ideas and are starting their own businesses. One entrepreneurial venture that caught my eyes is started by two recent Kellogg grads, Rishi Prabhu and Steven Szaronos, from the Class of 2011. They started this business called Bespoke Post, which is targeted to men who enjoy nice things, but hate the process of shopping. With my retail background and my inclination to shop online with my non-existent salary, this service appealed to me because I still want to have cool things but don’t necessarily have the time to shop (Kellogg keeps me very busy). Bespoke Post is a subscription service that sends its members a recurring “box of awesome” every month. Each month has a special theme and provides a collection of trendy products at a low subscription price. Since they launched in November last year, they had shipped 4 types of boxes to subscribers across the U.S.. I was visiting some friends in New York City this past weekend, and on my flight back on American Airlines, I actually saw a feature about their business in the inflight American Way magazine. It’s always great to see Kellogg people getting recognized for doing great things. This is just another example of Kelloggians thinking bravely and changing the world- one box of awesome at a time.

To see the article that was featured on the American Airlines inflight magazine, click here

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