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Here I was, nearing 30, out of school for several years, happily married for four years, working at a nonprofit in San Francisco on programs I passionately believed in – no wonder people wondered why I decided to apply to business school. But for me, school was a beacon – my last opportunity to get an education and experience that would equip me with knowledge and skills that would help me become a better professional, a better person – a better version of myself. I just had to do it!

My commitment to “doing well by doing good” led me to seek out schools that had exemplary programs for social impact, CSR and social entrepreneurship. I visited a few schools, spoke to several alumni, attended classes and pored over various school rankings based on criteria that were important to me. To be honest, at that stage in the application process, I had no idea if I would have the top 5 schools vying to get me to join them, or scrambling to get into any school in Round 3! Trying hard to not let that lack of confidence faze me, I zeroed in on my top choices for Round 1. Kellogg was the very first application I sent in.

I interviewed at the end of October and in early December, I got the call. “Kellogg is thrilled to have you,” they said. I had done it! No more doubting myself or questioning my accomplishments. No more second guessing my past, often unconventional, decisions and choices. My heart jumped with joy at the thought of beginning a brand new chapter in my life – one that would not only open doors to a whole new world of opportunities, but also give me a chance to spend two years of my life immersed in a learning environment, surrounded by driven, intelligent peers, and emerging a brighter, better person at the end of it. One quarter into the program here at Kellogg, and I can say that I am definitely well on that path already!