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Kathleen Hagerty named interim dean

Kathleen Hagerty named interim dean

Senior associate dean to lead business school as search for permanent dean continues

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Brayden King

Boycotts and the bottom line

11/16/11 – The longer the media covers a boycott, the greater the impact on a company’s stock price, Assistant Professor Brayden King finds

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Shopper Index

Going mobile on ‘Cyber Friday’

11/16/11 – In-store mobile shoppers are likely to be the biggest spenders this holiday season, Kellogg researchers find

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Dean Sally Blount

Dean Sally Blount on leadership

11/11/11 – ‘Do work out of passion, love and belief,’ Blount tells students

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Leaders on and off the battlefield

11/11/11 – U.S. Military veterans find ample support at the Kellogg School

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Associate Professor Ben Jones

Scientific productivity increases with age

11/10/11 – New research co-authored by Associate Professor Benjamin Jones reveals that breakthrough discoveries are no longer dominated by the very young

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Sergio Rebelo

Europe, the euro and an unstable economic climate

11/07/11 – Kellogg Professor Sergio Rebelo guides students to an understanding of the European debt crisis

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Kellogg students, faculty, staff and alumni will volunteer at schools and other community organizations during the Kellogg Cares service day on Nov. 5.

Kellogg Cares

11/02/11 – Hundreds of Kellogg volunteers will fan out across Evanston and Chicago on Nov. 5 to give back to the community

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“Jeffery does a masterful job of showing how to use key marketing metrics to actually implement strategic thinking,” the AMAF said in announcing the award.

Kellogg lecturer Mark Jeffery wins top book award

10/31/11 – Data-Driven Marketing is co-named the best marketing book of 2011 by the American Marketing Association Foundation

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Adam Galinsky

Salary disparities on NBA teams can lead to victory

10/27/11 – The hierarchy between players can promote coordination and enhance cooperation within the team, new Kellogg School research finds

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If consumers are unhappy with bank fees, Professor Mitchell Petersen says they owe it to themselves to shop around. “Look at your options. We’re blessed in this country with a huge number of banks,” he says.

Take it to the bank

10/26/11 – Professor Mitchell Petersen discusses bank fees and what consumers can do if they are unhappy with their banking situation

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Janice Eberly

Professor Janice Eberly confirmed as Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy

10/21/11 – The Kellogg professor will lead the Office of Economic Policy under U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner

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Professor Paola Sapienza

Chicago Booth/Kellogg School Financial Trust Index

10/19/11 – The latest findings show that trust in America’s financial systems has dwindled to 23 percent, on par with the earliest months of financial crisis

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Research co-authored by Assistant Professor Adam Waytz suggests that those who feel strongly connected to a group may find it easier to see — and treat — others as subhuman.

The connection disconnection

10/17/11 – People with strong social connections are more likely to dehumanize those outside their social circles, new Kellogg School research finds

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“Kellogg has been the leading school associated with the development of marketing, which makes it a logical host for this discussion,” said Kellogg Professor Greg Carpenter, director of the Center for Market Leadership and co-organizer of the Marketing Leadership Summit.

Where’s marketing headed?

09/23/11 – Industry experts and practitioners gather at the Kellogg School’s Marketing Leadership Summit to consider the future of marketing

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Robert Livingston

Who’s the best leader: the saint or the scrooge?

09/22/11 – New study explains why nice people are often overlooked as strong leaders

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Associate Professor Benjamin Jones explains why today’s inventors are making their great discoveries later in life

Age and great invention

09/20/11 – Associate Professor Benjamin Jones explains why today’s inventors are making their great discoveries later in life

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Adam Galinsky

Power corrupts, especially when it lacks status

09/20/11 – A certain amount of authority without a corresponding degree of respect tends to be a toxic combination, Kellogg Professor Adam Galinsky finds

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Miami campus continues to expand

Kellogg's Miami campus continues to expand

09/07/11 – Surging interest in the school’s Executive MBA Program leads Kellogg to make room for new students

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Losing weight is not just about what diet we choose but about how our minds work,” said Alexander Chernev, Associate Professor of Marketing and author of The Dieter’s Paradox.

Why dieting makes us fat

08/25/11 – In his new book, Associate Professor Alexander Chernev explains why dieters often undermine their own efforts to lose weight

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Using their business expertise, Kellogg students partner with the greater Northwestern community through the INVO program to help university-bred innovations move into the world.

The innovation matchmaker

08/19/11 – Northwestern offers crucial support to Kellogg entrepreneurs seeking to commercialize products

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