2010 - 2019

Stephen Morris

Taking Incomplete Information Seriously: The Misunderstanding of John Harsanyi
Susan Athey | 2018 Nancy L. Schwartz Lecture | Kellogg School

Susan Athey

Marketplaces, Intermediaries, and Product Quality
Vincent P. Crawford

Vincent P. Crawford

Modeling Strategic Communication: From Rendezvous and Reassurance to Trickery and Puffery

Paul Milgrom (Nobel Laureate 2020)

Prices and Auctions in Markets with Complex Constraints

Ehud Kalai

Chaos, Learning and Stability in Big Games

Colin Camerer

When Game Theory Predicts Surprisingly Well, and Why

Hal Varian

Predicting the Present with Search Engine Data

Jean Tirole (Nobel Laureate 2014)

Laws and Norms

K. Daron Acemoglu

Why Nations Fail

Al Roth (Nobel Laureate 2012)

Market Design