2000 - 2009

Drew Fudenberg

Learning in Games

Roger B. Myerson (Nobel Laureate 2007)

On the Foundations of Social Institutions

Matthew Jackson

Social Structure, Segregation, and Economic Behavior

Robert C. Merton (Nobel Laureate 1997)

How to Pursue Both Comparative Advantage and Efficient Diversification of Risk: An Application of Derivative Securities

John O. Ledyard

Information Markets

Daniel Kahneman (Nobel Laureate 2002)

Psychology and Behavioral Economics

Bengt R. Holmstrom (Nobel Laureate 2016)

Corporate Governance

Eric R. Maskin (Nobel Laureate 2007)

How to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions: An Application of Auction Theory

David Baron

Private Politics

Oliver Hart (Nobel Laureate 2016)

Financial Contracting