1999 - 1990

Joseph E. Stiglitz (Nobel Laureate 2001)

The Theory of Bankruptcy in Modern Capitalism

Ariel Rubinstein

Topics in Language and Economics

David M. Kreps

Anticipated Utility and Dynamic Choice

Nancy L. Stokey

Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves: The Economics of Social Mobility

Roy Radner

Economic Survival

Robert B. Wilson

Negotiation With Private Information: Litigation and Strikes

Peter A. Diamond (Nobel Laureate 2010)

Issues in Social Insurance

Kenneth J. Arrow (Nobel Laureate 1972)

Information and Returns to Scale

Gary S. Becker (Nobel Laureate 1992)

On Habits, Addictions, and Traditions

Vernon L. Smith (Nobel Laureate 2002)

Experimental Economics: Behavioral Lessons for Theory and Microeconomic Policy