2020 - Present

Philippe Aghion, Professor at the College de France and at INSEAD

Philippe Aghion

Rethinking Capitalism Post-Covid; The Power of Creative Destruction
Avinash Dixit

Avinash Dixit

Community-Based Organizations to Combat Corruption

2010 - 2019

Stephen Morris

Taking Incomplete Information Seriously: The Misunderstanding of John Harsanyi
Susan Athey | 2018 Nancy L. Schwartz Lecture | Kellogg School

Susan Athey

Marketplaces, Intermediaries, and Product Quality
Vincent P. Crawford

Vincent P. Crawford

Modeling Strategic Communication: From Rendezvous and Reassurance to Trickery and Puffery

Paul Milgrom (Nobel Laureate 2020)

Prices and Auctions in Markets with Complex Constraints

Ehud Kalai

Chaos, Learning and Stability in Big Games

Colin Camerer

When Game Theory Predicts Surprisingly Well, and Why

Hal Varian

Predicting the Present with Search Engine Data

Jean Tirole (Nobel Laureate 2014)

Laws and Norms

K. Daron Acemoglu

Why Nations Fail

Al Roth (Nobel Laureate 2012)

Market Design

2000 - 2009

Drew Fudenberg

Learning in Games

Roger B. Myerson (Nobel Laureate 2007)

On the Foundations of Social Institutions

Matthew Jackson

Social Structure, Segregation, and Economic Behavior

Robert C. Merton (Nobel Laureate 1997)

How to Pursue Both Comparative Advantage and Efficient Diversification of Risk: An Application of Derivative Securities

John O. Ledyard

Information Markets

Daniel Kahneman (Nobel Laureate 2002)

Psychology and Behavioral Economics

Bengt R. Holmstrom (Nobel Laureate 2016)

Corporate Governance

Eric R. Maskin (Nobel Laureate 2007)

How to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions: An Application of Auction Theory

David Baron

Private Politics

Oliver Hart (Nobel Laureate 2016)

Financial Contracting

1999 - 1990

Joseph E. Stiglitz (Nobel Laureate 2001)

The Theory of Bankruptcy in Modern Capitalism

Ariel Rubinstein

Topics in Language and Economics

David M. Kreps

Anticipated Utility and Dynamic Choice

Nancy L. Stokey

Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves: The Economics of Social Mobility

Roy Radner

Economic Survival

Robert B. Wilson

Negotiation With Private Information: Litigation and Strikes

Peter A. Diamond (Nobel Laureate 2010)

Issues in Social Insurance

Kenneth J. Arrow (Nobel Laureate 1972)

Information and Returns to Scale

Gary S. Becker (Nobel Laureate 1992)

On Habits, Addictions, and Traditions

Vernon L. Smith (Nobel Laureate 2002)

Experimental Economics: Behavioral Lessons for Theory and Microeconomic Policy

1983 - 1989

Reinhard Selten (Nobel Laureate 1994)

Evolution, Learning, and Economic Behavior

Truman F. Bewley

Knightian Uncertainty

Robert E. Lucas, Jr. (Nobel Laureate 1995)

On the Mechanics of Economic Development

Robert J. Aumann (Nobel Laureate 2005)

Cooperation, Rationality, and Bounded Reality

Menachem E. Yaari

On the Role of 'Dutch Books' in the Theory of Choice Under Risk

Andreu Mas-Colell

On the Theory of Perfect Competition

Hugo Sonnenschein

The Economics of Incentives: An Introductory Account