Nancy L. Schwartz Memorial Lecture

The Nancy L. Schwartz Memorial Lecture is held annually by the Kellogg  Department of Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences. Nancy Schwartz was the Morrison Professor of Decision Sciences, the Kellogg School's first woman faculty member appointed to an endowed chair. She joined Kellogg in 1970, chaired MEDS, and served as director of the school's doctoral program until her death in 1981.

About Kellogg MEDS Dept.

The Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences Department (MEDS) comprises of economists and political scientists who study individual decision making under risk, incentives within organizations under asymmetric information, the performance of markets and of political institutions, economic development and international relations.  Fundamental research on auctions, mechanism design, game theory, voting, information aggregation, strategic behavior within and between organizations has been produced in the MEDS Department.