Computational Social Science Summit

Video Coverage - Pre-Session


Friday May 15th, 2015 - TRAINING WORKSHOPS

Training Workshop 1a: Jackie Milhans - Lead Computational Specialist, Northwestern University

Computational Research Fundamentals

20150515-CONF-CSSS-166-WORKSHOP 1A (Jackie Milhans)

Training Workshop 1b: Stuart Shulman - Texifter, LLC

Text Analytics for Social Data Using DiscoverText & Sifter

20150515-CONF-CSSS-G40-WORKSHOP 1B (Stuart Shulman)

Training Workshop 2a: Lorien Jasny - National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center, University of Maryland

Social Network Analysis Using R

20150515-CONF-CSSS-166-WORKSHOP 2A (Lorien Jasny)

Training Workshop 2b: Brian Lange - Data Scientist, Datascope Analytics

Natural Language Processing and Text Analysis in Python

20150515-CONF-CSSS-G40-WORKSHOP 2B (Brian Lange)