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Humanexus – Poster display and short film


Yuxiao Dong – Computer Science and Engineering, University of Notre Dame
The Evolution of Social Strategies across the Lifespan
(with Nitesh Chawla, Yang Yang - University of Notre Dame, Jie Tang, Yang Yang - Tsinghua University, Beijing)
Mayuri Duggirala & Vivek Balaraman - Tata Research Development & Design Centre
Building an Ontology for Behavioral Science
(with Aditi Kumar, David Clarance - Tata Research Development & Design Centre)
Reid Johnson - Computer Science & Engineering, University of Notre Dame
Can Scientific Impact Be Predicted
(with Yuxiao Dong, Nitesh Chawla - University of Notre Dame)
Edward Lee - Physics, Cornell University
War and Peace in a Pigtailed Macaque Society
(Bryan Daniels, Chris Ellison, David Krakauer, Jessica Flack - Wisconsin Institute for Discovery)
William Leibzon - Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences, University of California-Irvine
Social Network of Software Development at Git Hub
Talha Oz - Computational Social Science, George Mason University
All the Commentaries That's Fit to Tweet
Sonya Sachdeva - Research and Development, US Forest Service
Social Media Approaches to Modeling Wildfire Smoke Dispersion
H. Andrew Schwartz - Computer & Information Science, University of Pennsylvania
Psychological Assessment through Facebook Language
(with Gregory Park, Johannes Eichstaedt, Lyle Ungar Martin Seligman- University of Pennsylvania, Margaret Kern – University of Melbourne)
Didem Turkgolu – Sociology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Trends in the Coverage of Student Protests
Weichu Xu – Business Management, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania
Emotions in Strategic Decision-making: A China-US Cross Cultural Experimental Design with Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Investigation
Yang Yang - Computer Science and Engineering, University of Notre Dame
Predicting Node Degree Centrality with Node Prominence Profile
(with Nitesh Chawla, Yuxiao Dong - University of Notre Dame)
Dmitry Zinoviev - Mathematics and Computer Science, Suffolk University
Peer Ratings in Massive Online Social Networks