Advances in Experimental Political Science

Over the last five years, approaches to social science experimentation have evolved greatly, due in part to the “replication crisis” – that is, findings of low replication rates of experiments. At the same time, social scientists have expanded the reach of experiments by tapping new data sources (e.g., elite samples) and introducing methods that had previously received scant attention in the discipline (e.g., conjoint experiments).

In order to ensure that the social sciences successfully navigate questions about the reliability and replicability of experiments and fully exploit methodological advances, this workshop will bring together a collection of expert scholars to discuss new methods and approaches. The papers will then constitute an edited volume to be published by Cambridge University Press.

This is an invitation-only conference of approximately 60 attendees from around the country in various fields.

May 21-22, 2019

Advances in Experimental Political Science

Kellogg Global Hub
2211 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL
Room 4101


For any questions regarding the event, please email:
Cindy Mydlach
Administrative Assistant/The Ford Motor Company Center for Global Citizenship


May 21/ Kellogg Global Hub- 4101

Time Event
Continental Breakfast
Introduction to the Conference and Participant Introductions
Experimental Data
Diana Mutz “Experiments with Convenience Samples” coauthored with Yanna Krupnikov, Hannah Nam & Hillary Style

Brigitte Seim "Cross-National Experiments" coauthored with Graeme Blair & Gwyneth McClendon

Mary McGrath "How To Form Organizational Partnerships to Run Experiments" coauthored with Adam Levine

Jennifer Pan "Experiments Using Social Media Data" coauthored with Andrew Guess

Joshua Kalla "Experiments with Elite Samples" coauthored with Christian Grose

Hannah Nam "Human Subject Ethics in Experiments" coauthored with Dawn Teele

Christian Grose - Integrative Discussant

Donald Green - Panel Chair
Using Experiments to Study Government Actions and World Challenges
David Broockman “Experiments on Street-level Bureaucrats” coauthored with Ariel White

Aila Matanock "Experiments on Corruption" coauthored with Paul Lagunes & Brigitte Seim

Sean Westwood "Experiments on Political Activity Governments Want to Keep Hidden" coauthored with Jennifer Pan

Graeme Blair "Experiments in Post-Conflict Contexts" coauthored with Aila Matanock

Adam Levine "Experiments on Climate Change" coauthored with Mary McGrath

Amanda Clayton - Integrative Discussant

Elizabeth Schmitt - Panel Chair
Experimental Treatments, Measures, and Analysis Part 1
Teppei Yamamoto "Mediation with Experimental Data" coauthored with Adam Glynn

Adam Glynn "Moderation with Experimental Data" coauthored with Marc Ratkovic

Erin Hartman "Spillover Effects in Experimental data" coauthored with Peter Aronow, Dean Eckles, Cyrus Samii & Stephanie Zonszein

John Bullock - Integrative Discussant

Jamie Druckman - Panel Chair
Experimental Treatments, Measures, and Analysis Part 2
Andrew Guess "Experiments with Non-Survey Attitudinal Measures" coauthored with Shanto Iyengar, Erik Peterson & Sean Westwood

Erik Peterson "Execution of Experimental Treatments" coauthored with Diana Mutz

Cheryl Boudreau "Visualization of Experimental Data" coauthored with Alexander Coppo

Lynn Vavreck - Integrative Discussant

Stephanie Zonszein - Panel Chair

May 22/ Kellogg Global Hub- 4101

Time Event
Continental Breakfast
Group Picture
Experimental Designs
Alexander Coppock “Conjoint Survey Experiments” coauthored with Kirk Bansak, Jens Hainmueller, Daniel Hopkins & Teppei Yamamoto

Ali Valenzuela "Field Experiments with Survey Outcomes" coauthored with David Broockman, Joshua Kalla & Jasjeet Sekhon

Marc Ratkovic "Natural Experiments" coauthored with Rocio Titiunik

Neil Malhotra "Lab-in-the-Field Experiments" coauthored with Catherine Eckel & Natalia Londono

Ariel White "Audit Experiments" coauthored with Daniel Butler & Charles Crabtree

Catherine Eckel - Integrative Discussant

Tyler Reny - Panel Chair
Using Experiments to Study Identity
Gwyneth  McClendon “Experiments on Ethnic Identity” coauthored with Amber Spry

Amber Spry "Evolution of Experiments on Racial Priming" coauthored with Ali Valenzuela & Tyler Reny

Samara Klar "Gender Experiments in Comparative Politics" coauthored with Amanda Clayton & Georgia Anderson-Nilsson

Dawn Teele "Evolution of Experiments on Gender in Elections" coauthored with Samara Klar & Elizabeth Schmitt

Yanna Krupnikov - Integrative Discussant

Hillary Style - Panel Chair
Experimental Reliability and Generalizability
Rocio Titiunik "Generalizing Experimental Results” coauthored with Erin Hartman

Paul Lagunes "Experiments and Case Studies” coauthored with Jason Seawright

Natalia Londono "Transparency in Experimental Research” coauthored with Cheryl Boudreau

Cyrus Samii "The Scientific Credibility of Experiments” coauthored with Neil Malhotra

Jason Seawright - Integrative Discussant

Georgia Anderson - Panel Chair

Reflections/Discussion Lead by Lynn Vavreck, UCLA
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James N. Druckman

Payson S. Wild Professor of Political Science
Professor of Communication Studies


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