To place an order for permission to reproduce, for a faculty preview copy, or for an electronic master copy, please fill out the Order Form and submit it to cases@kellogg.northwestern.edu.

If you are paying with a credit card, please call Cecelia Hoskins at 847-491-5400 or Katharine Kruse at 847-491-1063.

If you have questions about ordering a case, you may contact Kellogg Case Publishing at cases@kellogg.northwestern.edu.

Electronic Master Copy
Please indicate on the Order Form if you wish to receive an electronic master copy (PDF) of the ordered cases. You may wish to verify that you have the most recent edition of the case you are requesting permission to reproduce. 

Case Preview Requests
If you are a faculty member and would like to receive an electronic preview copy, please contact cases@kellogg.northwestern.edu. If you are placing a request for the first time, we will need to verify your position on the faculty before your order can be processed. Please provide the address of your faculty page on your institution’s Web site, an email address for the Dean of your School, or submit via fax a letter on School stationery, from your Dean, indicating your faculty position.