Case Detail

Case Summary

Seven-Eleven Japan Co.

Case Number: 5-403-757, Year Published: 2003

HBS Number: KEL026

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Authors: Sunil Chopra

Key Concepts

Supply Chain Management, Operations Management


The case discusses the structure of the Seven Eleven Japan supply chain in terms of its facilities network, inventory management, distribution, and information. The case can be used to discuss how Seven Eleven has made consistent supply chain choices to support its business strategy of providing convenience to customers. In particular, the case points to how Seven Eleven has used information and aggregation in transportation to improve supply chain responsiveness at relatively low cost.

Chinese translation available.

Number of Pages: 16

Extended Case Information

Teaching Areas: Operations

Teaching Note Available: Yes

Geographic: Japan

Industry: Retail

Organization Name: Seven-Eleven Japan Co.

Organization Department: NA

Organization Size: Medium

Decision Maker Position: NA

Year of Case: 2000