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Motorola Wireless Data Group: The Envoy

Case Number: 5-104-035, Year Published: 2004

HBS Number: KEL098

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Authors: Mohanbir Sawhney; Bernadine Ai-Kuo; Ronald Graves; Pierre Laurent; Peter Thompson

Key Concepts

Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning, New Product Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Technology Marketing, Wireless Industry


Elizabeth Sullivan, director of marketing for Motorola’s Wireless Data Group, was formulating the marketing strategy for their new wireless communicator, the Envoy. Early sales results for the Envoy as well as its competitors in the nascent Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) industry had been disappointing, and Sullivan was under pressure to change this situation. How should Motorola segment the market for wireless communications? What market segments should Motorola target with the Envoy? How should it position the Envoy? What should be the marketing mix for the Envoy? Sullivan’s short-term decisions had to consider the fact that she had limited control over changing the basic product, which was designed before she took charge of marketing the Envoy.

Number of Pages: 29

Extended Case Information

Teaching Areas: Marketing, Technology

Geographic: USA, Midwest

Industry: Mobile Communications

Organization Name: Motorola, Inc.

Organization Department: Marketing

Organization Size: Large

Decision Maker Position: Director of Marketing

Decision Maker Gender: Female

Year of Case: 1996