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Case Summary

The U.S. Airline Industry in 1995

Case Number: 5-104-001, Year Published: 2004

HBS Number: KEL042

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Authors: James Dana; David A Schmitt

Key Concepts

Industry Analysis, Hub and Spoke System, Economies of Scale, Economies of Scope, Cost and Benefit Drivers.


This case provides an overview of the domestic airline industry. The discussion offers details on industry structure and performance necessary to perform a basic industry analysis (or five forces analysis). The case also emphasizes cost and benefit drivers, especially hub and spoke versus point-to-point service, and sources of differentiation.

Number of Pages: 36

Extended Case Information

Teaching Areas: Economics, Strategy

Geographic: US

Industry: Airline

Organization Name: NA

Organization Department: NA

Organization Size: Large

Decision Maker Position: NA

Year of Case: 1995