Case Detail

Case Summary

Old Spice: Revitalizing Glacial Falls

Case Number: 5-411-752, Year Published: 2011

HBS Number: KEL619

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Authors: Derek D Rucker; David DuBois

Key Concepts

Marketing, Positioning, Multi-level Branding, Targeting, Positioning Statement


This case features Old Spice’s efforts to reposition Glacial Falls after sales stagnated in the United States. The challenges in this case are twofold. First, it sets the stage for deciding whether and how to reposition a brand after a period of significant stagnation. This entails a targeting dilemma about whether to keep existing customers or take the risk of losing them to go after a new target. Second, this case examines whether the company should make a sensory change in the product (i.e., the scent) or whether it should undertake a cognitive change in the positioning of the product instead.

Learning Objectives

The case gives students the valuable experience of making a positioning choice and supporting the rationale for that choice. Specifically, it can be used to discuss:

  • Positioning issues related to sensory experience versus brand perception
  • Targeting current users to consume more or seeking new targets
  • Repositioning a brand
  • Writing a positioning statement
  • Number of Pages: 8

    Extended Case Information

    Teaching Areas: Marketing

    Teaching Note Available: Yes

    Geographic: United States

    Industry: Deodorant; Anti-Perspirant

    Organization Name: Old Spice

    Organization Department: Marketing

    Organization Size: Large

    Decision Maker Position: Assistant Brand Manager

    Decision Maker Gender: Male

    Year of Case: 2008