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Innovation and Invention: A Patent Landscape

Case Number: 7-406-750, Year Published: 2006

HBS Number: KEL104

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Authors: James Gerard Conley; David Orozco

Key Concepts

Intellectual Property, Patents, Invention Differentiation, Product Differentiation, Infringement, Validity, Trade Secrets, Innovation Incentives


The patent system is introduced to the non-legal professional by reviewing the historical justification for having a patent system and foundations of the U.S. patent system, contrasting patents with trade secrets, exploring invention requirements for obtaining a patent, and reviewing the patent application process, international patent protection, and the elements of infringement, validity, and enforcement through litigation.

Number of Pages: 36

Extended Case Information

Teaching Areas: Biotechnology, Entrepreneurship, Management, Manufacturing, Operations, Strategy, Technology

Geographic: U.S.

Industry: Patents

Organization Name: N/A

Organization Department: N/A

Decision Maker Position: N/A

Year of Case: 2006