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Case Summary

Grupo Familia: Monetizing a Digital Marketing Campaign in Colombia

Case Number: 5-317-501, Year Published: 2017

HBS Number: KE1030

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Authors: John C. Parker; Theodore Anderson

Key Concepts

Consumer Marketing, Distribution Channels, E-Commerce, Marketing, Marketing Communications, Marketing Strategy, Performance Measurement, Social Media


This case features Lucas Lopez Lince, a rising leader in Colombian consumer goods company Grupo Familia. Lopez Lince had inherited a digital marketing program built around a newly identified customer persona--a young low-income mother. The program represented a significant shift in Familia's target customer as well as a shift in the way marketing funds were spent. The program appeared to be working, so he increased the digital spend even as he had to reduce his overall marketing budget in the face of challenging economic headwinds. Activity metrics such as page views, social media "likes," and video views rose dramatically, and at the same time sales began to rise again. By the beginning of 2017, Lopez Lince faced a deeper set of questions. How could he be certain that the rising sales were due to the digital efforts? Would the existing digital programs and tactics continue to deliver against chosen metrics? And what could he do next in order to continue driving growth of revenue and margin through digital efforts? Students assume the role of Lopez Lince and are asked to apply concepts such as customer personas, micro-moments, and customer journey mapping to develop their own point of view on what they would do next.

Learning Objectives

Students will describe different customer personas and the implications of changing the target persona; identify micro-moments that help target customers achieve their objectives; employ a content matrix to develop sufficient content to meet customer needs across important micro-moments; recognize the benefits of customer journey mapping, with pain point identification; and evaluate the potential for disruptive product/service design, based on reshaping the customer journey.

Number of Pages: 10

Extended Case Information

Teaching Areas: Marketing

Teaching Note Available: Yes

Geographic: Colombia

Industry: Consumer goods

Organization Name: Grupo Familia

Organization Department: Family care business unit

Decision Maker Position: Director

Decision Maker Gender: Male

Year of Case: 2017