Case Detail

Case Summary

Families, Fortunes, and Footwear: Reaching Out to the Fourth Generation of Brazil's Lupo S.A.

Case Number: 5-408-753, Year Published: 2008

HBS Number: KEL406

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Authors: John Ward; Sachin Waikar; Carol Adler Zsolnay

Key Concepts

Family Business, Ownership, Succession, Cousin Groups


A successful third-generation family business explores whether or not to continue in business as a family into the fourth generation. If they do decide to move forward as a family business, how can they cultivate knowledge and interest among the forty-plus fourth-generation family members.

Learning Objectives

The reasons behind perpetuating a family business are as important to consider as how to accomplish this goal. This case is designed to provoke students to reflect on their own intentions and motivations for their own family businesses.

Number of Pages: 11

Extended Case Information

Teaching Areas: Family Business

Geographic: Brazil

Industry: Clothing Manufacturer

Organization Name: Lupo

Organization Size: Large

Decision Maker Position: Family Board Member

Decision Maker Gender: Male

Year of Case: 2004