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Case Summary

FedEx Kinkos vs. UPS Stores

Case Number: 5-404-755, Year Published: 2004

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Authors: Alice Tybout; Bridgette Braig

Key Concepts

Advertising, Positioning, Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Communications


The case examines the competition between FedEx and UPS being played out overall as well as within their newly acquired retail divisions. Because margins are thin in corporate shipping, both players continue to chase higher-profit individual consumers as well as small office/home office (SOHO) customers. The Kinkos and UPS Stores purchases reflect the desire to gain share with these segments. Students are asked to examine critically the brand positioning of FedEx and UPS overall as well as the positioning of their respective retail offerings. In addition to scrutinizing the positioning, the case also examines how their positionings are made operational in their advertising and brand identity elements including truck graphics and signage.

Number of Pages: 10

Extended Case Information

Teaching Areas: Marketing

Geographic: US/Global

Industry: Shipping/Logistics

Organization Name: Federal Express and United Parcel Service

Organization Department: Marketing

Organization Size: Large

Year of Case: 2004