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Mercedes and the Moose Test (B)

Case Number: 5-403-755(B), Year Published: 2003, Revision Date: May 12, 2011

HBS Number: KEL049

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Authors: Daniel Diermeier; Astrid Marechal

Key Concepts

Strategy, Crisis Management, Public Relations, Market Recovery, Business Strategy, Leadership, Corporate Communications


The case describes in detail Mercedes's management approach to the moose-test crisis. It discusses strategic and organizational issues as well as specific challenges in corporate communications, the management of difficult technical and logistical challenges and leading under crisis conditions.

Spanish translation available.

Number of Pages: 15

Language: Spanish

Extended Case Information

Teaching Areas: Management, Marketing, Strategy

Teaching Note Available: Yes

Geographic: Europe, Germany

Industry: Automotive

Organization Name: Daimler-Benz AG

Organization Department: Executive Management

Organization Size: Large

Year of Case: 1998

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