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Body Scans and Bottlenecks: Optimizing Hospital CT Process Flows

Case Number: 5-211-256, Year Published: 2011

HBS Number: KEL592

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Authors: Sunil Chopra; Scott Flamm; Sachin Waikar

Key Concepts

Organizational Behavior, Process Capacity, Bottlenecks, Process Flows, Process Optimization, Flow Time, Cycle Time


A midwest hospital purchases new CT Scanners which are much faster than the existing technology. Processes in the radiology department are optimized to the older, existing scanners and technicians are unable to take full advantage of the new scanner speed. The hospital finds itself working to change the processes to suit the new scanners capabilities and take full advantage of their speed.

Learning Objectives

This case allows students to analyze process capacity and time performance in different settings and understand how process structure impacts both operational and financial performance.

Number of Pages: 6

Extended Case Information

Teaching Areas: Organizational Behavior

Teaching Note Available: Yes

Industry: Hospital

Organization Department: Radiology

Organization Size: Medium