Case Detail

Case Summary

CRU Computer Rentals

Case Number: 5-403-750, Year Published: 2003

HBS Number: KEL017

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Authors: Sunil Chopra

Key Concepts

Process Flows, Flow Time, Inventory, Throughput


This case examines a company that rents and leases computers. The primary objective of the case is to provide a scenario where students can see the link between operational flow measures such as inventory, throughput, and flow time and financial flows. The case presents a scenario where a firm sees financial performance worsen even though sales increase. A link between the operational measures and financial flows allows students to understand the causes.

Russian translation available.

Number of Pages: 6

Extended Case Information

Teaching Areas: Operations

Teaching Note Available: Yes

Geographic: United States

Industry: Computer Rental

Organization Name: CRU Computer Rentals

Organization Department: Management

Organization Size: Medium

Decision Maker Position: General Manager

Decision Maker Gender: Male

Year of Case: 2002