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Case Summary

Verklar Austria

Case Number: 5-104-007, Year Published: 2001

HBS Number: KEL037

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Authors: Anne Coughlan

Key Concepts

Distribution Channel, Marketing Strategy, Logistics, Market Analysis, Conflict Management,


Verklar is the leading maker of roof windows, based in Europe. In its Austrian subsidiary, it has historically dominated the Austrian market through its country-based subsidiary, with about 85 percent market share. However, at the time of the case, its market share has dropped to about 75 percent, and many of its dealers have either dropped the line entirely or are buying not from the company, but from the few remaining large dealers who still buy directly from Verklar. This has prompted Mr. Nickel, the president of the subsidiary, to devise a new way to run the distribution channel in the country in order to improve performance, called the Quota System. The case calls on the reader to examine the sources of market share decline and whether the proposed Quota System solves the channel's problems.

Number of Pages: 17

Extended Case Information

Teaching Areas: Marketing

Teaching Note Available: Yes

Geographic: Austria / Europe

Industry: Building Supply

Organization Name: Verklar

Organization Department: Management

Organization Size: Medium

Decision Maker Position: President

Decision Maker Gender: Male

Year of Case: 2001