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MRT Micro: The CardioScope

Case Number: 5-104-036, Year Published: 2006

HBS Number: KEL099

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Authors: Mohanbir Sawhney; Benjamin Hill; John Miller; Peter Nylund; West Robbins; Richard Wharton; Severine Borut-Zaslavoglou

Key Concepts

Health Industry, Hospital Products, New Product Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Market Segmentation, Competitor Analysis


Jan Bakke, founder and chairman of Norway based MRT was planning U.S. market entry strategy for CardioScope - its electrocardiograph system. How could MRT get a foothold in the U.S. market against competitors who had been around for 50 years? How could he ensure that MRT would be able to defend itself once it entered the market? What segments should it target and how should it position itself?

Number of Pages: 21

Extended Case Information

Teaching Areas: Marketing, Technology

Geographic: International, Norway

Industry: Medical Equipment

Organization Name: MRT Micro A.S.

Organization Department: Executive Management

Organization Size: Large

Decision Maker Position: Founder, Chairman

Decision Maker Gender: Male

Year of Case: 1996