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Technical Note: Presenting Well

Case Number: 7-110-001, Year Published: 2011

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Key Concepts

Presenting, Presentation Skills, Business Skills, Effective Communication


Presenting is a critical skill for anyone in business. The ability to get up in front of a group and present an analysis or recommendation is a core, basic skill. Many students, however, struggle with presentations. This short technical note lays out best practices on presenting. It focuses on four keys to success. The note is well suited for any course in which students are expected to present.

Learning Objectives

This technical note has a simple goal: help students present well. In particular, the note encourages students to get to the point, tell a story, and be entertaining. These are the fundamentals of presenting, but all too often students focus on their analysis and spend too little time refining the presentation.

Number of Pages: 4

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Teaching Areas: Management