Case Detail

Case Summary

Meteor Solutions: Measuring the Value of Social Media Marketing

Case Number: 5-110-008, Year Published: 2011

HBS Number: KEL548

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Authors: Mark Jeffery

Key Concepts

Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Word of Mouth Marketing, Viral Marketing


Lessons on how to measure and leverage social media marketing from studying the case of the Resident Evil 5 Kijuju Campaign, utilizing technology from Meteor Solutions to track word of mouth.

Learning Objectives

How to measure the value and fully leverage social media marketing including key success factors, challenges, metrics and implications for future campaigns and other industries.

Number of Pages: 22

Extended Case Information

Teaching Areas: Marketing, Technology

Geographic: Seattle, Washington, United States

Industry: Internet Software

Organization Name: Meteor Solutions

Organization Size: Small

Decision Maker Position: Vice President of Strategy and Client Service at Ayzenberg

Decision Maker Gender: Male

Year of Case: 2009