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Elevate College Access and Success Program (Board Meeting Role-play Exercise)

Case Number: 5-318-500, Year Published: 2018

HBS Number: KE1099

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Authors: Sophia Shaw; Melanie Miller; Wayne McPherson

Key Concepts

Board of Directors, Corporate Governance, Diversity, Ethics, General Management, Growth Strategy, Nonprofit Management, Social Responsibility, Succession Planning, Team Building


This case is a role-play exercise intended to give participants an opportunity to experience board meeting dynamics and logistics, determine how to scale a nonprofit for maximum impact, learn about governance best practices, and become generally familiar with nonprofit financial statements, dashboards, and new board member recruitment strategies. There is no right answer or correct outcome to the exercise; the value lies in participants' analysis of the situation, dialogue with one another, and post-meeting self-reflection.

Learning Objectives

Participate in board meetings more skillfully; identify how power and privilege can affect how people act in a group; recognize the forms and functions of nonprofit financial statements, expectation/commitment documents, and performance dashboards; understand the challenges of choosing a growth strategy for a successful, mature nonprofit; identify potential pitfalls of electing a founder to a board; and negotiate challenges related to diversifying boards.

Number of Pages: 18

Extended Case Information

Teaching Areas: Management, Non Profit

Teaching Note Available: Yes

Geographic: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Industry: Education

Organization Name: Fictional