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Intellectual Property: The Ground Rules

Case Number: 7-305-501, Year Published: 2005

HBS Number: KEL140

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Authors: James Gerard Conley; David Orozco

Key Concepts

Intellectual Property, Patents, Innovation, Copyrights, Strategy, Trademarks


Intellectual property rights are a major source of wealth creation in the modern global economy and continue to grow in significance. In order for managers and entreprenerus to appropriate the value of IP's strategic optionality, it is helpful to be conversant in the unique aspects of these legal rights regimes. This technical note provides a comprehensive and accessible overview of the intellectual property rights regimes consisting of: trade secrets, patents, copyrights, trade dress, and trademarks.

Number of Pages: 43

Extended Case Information

Teaching Areas: Biotechnology, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Family Business, Management, Manufacturing, Marketing, Strategy, Technology

Geographic: United States

Industry: Legal

Organization Name: NA

Organization Department: NA

Organization Size: Large

Decision Maker Position: NA

Year of Case: 2005