Case Detail

Case Summary

Comitron (A)

Case Number: 5-204-265(A), Year Published: 2004

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Authors: Hayagreeva Rao; Jeff Schumacher

Key Concepts

Forced Ranking of Performance, Cultural Change, Legal Issues in Performance Appraisal, Change Management, Competition Ethics


A new CEO wants to transform a complacent organization into a high-performing organization and is drawn to the idea of forced ranking. He is also a fan of Jack Welch, former chairman of GE. He tasks his Exectuive Vice President of Human Resources to implement forced ranking. The A case details the decision to implement forced ranking and students are faced with the challenge of evaluating forced ranking and thinking of a sequence of implementation. The B case details reactions to the implementation, and the C case outlines unexpected consequences of forced ranking. This case is fictitious.

Extended Case Information

Teaching Areas: Organizational Behavior, Strategy

Organization Name: Comitron

Organization Department: Management

Decision Maker Position: CEO, Exectuive Vice President of Human Resources

Decision Maker Gender: Male