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Case Summary

Cancer Health Alliance of Metropolitan Chicago

Case Number: 5-106-008, Year Published: 2006

HBS Number: KEL247

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Authors: Donald Haider

Key Concepts

Alliances, Nonprofit, Health Care Services, Nonprofit Alliances, Alliance Growth, Health Care Service Alliances, Nonprofit Growth


This case is about how four independent, community-based, non-medical centers that offered professional services and programs to cancer patients on a voluntary non-fee basis in the 1990s came together to form The Cancer Health Alliance in 2003-2004 as a separate nonprofit to help them achieve more of their mission and be more sustainable.

The learning objective of this case is to understand why it is so difficult for small independent nonprofits with similar missions, activities, programs, and funding to collaborate to achieve more mission. It also teaches students to understand how less complex nonprofit alliances begin, how they progress along an alliance continuum, and how to explore the options for future growth.

Number of Pages: 3

Extended Case Information

Teaching Areas: Organizational Behavior, Non Profit

Teaching Note Available: Yes

Geographic: Chicago

Industry: Health Care Services

Organization Name: Cancer Health Alliance of Metropolitan Chicago

Organization Department: Board of Governors

Organization Size: Small

Decision Maker Position: Executive Director

Year of Case: 2005