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Kellogg’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship News

Read the latest entrepreneurship, growth and scaling and corporate innovation news from the Kellogg School of Management.

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Hear from Kellogg School faculty, alumni and students as they share insights and experiences launching and scaling startups, and igniting growth and innovation within established companies.

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Your Professional Decline Is Coming (Much) Sooner Than You Think

Article cites research by Benjamin Jones who found that the most common age for someone producing a magnum opus is the late 30s.

The Atlantic, 01 Jul 2019

Quotes for Simplifying Complex Information For Your Audience

Article by Adjunct Lecturer Esther Choy uses quotes to explain why turning abstract and complicated ideas into concreate and understandable concepts is important

Forbes, 30 Jun 2019

10 tips for starting your own business when you’re over 50

Article mentions Professor Benjamin Jones’s research, which concludes that age predicts success in entrepreneurs, but in the opposite way that many investors think.

MarketWatch, 26 Jun 2019

The first rule of CBD marketing: Don’t mention “cannabis”

Article quotes Adjunct Lecturer Paul Earle who says that the first rule of branding in the cannabis industry is to completely avoid – or openly confront and disarm- all past taboos regarding cannabis-related products

Quartz, 17 Jun 2019

You Need To Fire More People

Article by Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman says that if organizations hope to build a first-class workforce, they need to discharge or find more productive roles for their underperforming employees.

Forbes, 12 Jun 2019

Blank Check: Kellogg School Professor Mohan Sawhney on Creating Freedom Within a Framework

Article features Professor Mohan Sawhney, who discusses his rational behind handing corporate innovators ‘blank checks’. He does so to create a sense of urgency and unlock creativity within a team.

Innovation Leader , 07 Jun 2019

Sure, You Should Act Like A Startup. But Can You?

Article by Professor David Schonthal discusses three ways senior management can provoke strategic changes that will encourage a startup model and mindset in a corporate environment.

Innovation Leader , 07 Jun 2019

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