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Recent Scholarly Research

Our faculty are recognized for their insightful analyses and their ability to push the frontier of thought within their respective academic disciplines and professions. Explore research published by Kellogg Faculty and featured in top-tier peer reviewed journals.
DATE Title Author Type
2023 Intrinsic and Induced State Dependence in Frequency Reward Programs Huseyin Karaca, Lakshman Krishnamurthi, Yuxin Chen working paper
2023 Black-Owned drugs: Consumer responses to Black ownership labeling on regulated substances Chethana Achar working paper
2023 Creating a meaningful brand image. Neal Roese book chapter
2023 Disentangling the Effects of Ad Tone on Voter Turnout and Candidate Choice in Presidential Elections, Management Science Brett Gordon, Mitch Lovett, Bowen Luo, James C. Reeder article
2023 Encouraging Interdisciplinary Collaboration: A Recipe for Moving the Study of Children and Food Forward Michal Maimaran, Margaret Echelbarger working paper
2023 Wisdom from Words: Marketing Insights from Text Analysis, Marketing Letters Ashlee Humphreys, Jonah Berger, Grant Packard, Reihane Boghrati, Ming Hsu, Andrea Luangrath, Sarah Moore article
2023 Leveraging Technology to Manage the Customer Experience. Aparna Labroo book chapter
2023 The Consumer INSIGHT Framework: A Hypothesis-Driven Approach to Data Analytics. Aparna Labroo, Derek D. Rucker book chapter
2023 Price Monitoring and Response: A Supply Side Characterization Eric T. Anderson working paper
2023 Search, Spending and Market Concentration Eric T. Anderson, Martim Leitao working paper
2023 On the wisdom and utility of (under)sociality: A consumer psychology perspective, Journal of Consumer Psychology Ike Silver, Deborah Small article
2023 Creating Value to Disrupt Markets Lakshman Krishnamurthi, Rebecca Devine book chapter
2023 The Interplay between Goal Systems and Identities Rima Toure-Tillery, Jessica Gamlin book chapter
2023 The Rank-Signaling System of Social Hierarchy: Encoding, Decoding, and Recoding via Consumption Derek D. Rucker, Adam D. Galinsky book chapter
2023 Attitudes: Form, FUnction, and the Factors that Shape Them Zakary Tormala, Derek D. Rucker book chapter
2023 The Consumer INSIGHT Framework: A Hypothesis-Driven Approach to Data Analytics Derek D. Rucker, Aparna A. Labroo book chapter
2023 Beyond Sentiment: The Value and Measurement of Consumer Certainty in Language, Journal of Marketing Research Matthew Rocklage, Sharlene He, Derek D. Rucker, Loran Nordgren article
2023 Managing Advertising and Communication: From Strategic Planning to Creative Review Derek D. Rucker book chapter
2023 Behavioral Winter: Disillusionment with Applied Behavioral Science and a Path to Spring Forward, Behavioral and Brain Sciences David Gal, Derek D. Rucker article
2023 The Hierarchy of Voice Framework: They Dynamic Relationship between Employee Voice and Hierarchy, Research in Organizational Behavior Julian Pfrombeck, Chloe Levin, Derek D. Rucker, Adam D. Galinsky article