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Recent Scholarly Research

Our faculty are recognized for their insightful analyses and their ability to push the frontier of thought within their respective academic disciplines and professions. Explore research published by Kellogg Faculty and featured in top-tier peer reviewed journals.
DATE Title Author Type
2022 How Inductive versus Deductive Generalization Shapes the Guilt-by-Association Phenomenon among Firms: Theory and Evidence, Organization Science I. Naumovska, Edward Zajac article
2022 Teaching entrepreneurial negotiation, Negotiation Journal Stephen Humphrey, Robert Macy, Cynthia Wang article
2022 Dehumanization: Emerging Trends, Insights, and Challenges, Trends in Cognitive Science Nour Kteily, Alexander Landry article
2022 Exposure to a Media Intervention Helps Promote Peace in Colombia, Nature Human Behaviour Emile Bruneau, Andres Casas, Boaz Hameiri, Nour Kteily article
2022 Fragile or robust? Differential effects of gender threats in the workplace among men and women, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes K Leavitt, L Zhu, A Klotz, Maryam Kouchaki article
2022 The Relationship Between Power and Secrecy, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology Shane Schweitzer, Rachel Ruttan, Adam Waytz article
2022 Mate Evaluation Theory, Psychological Review Eli J. Finkel, Paul W Eastwick, Samantha Joel article
2022 Leadership in an ideological age: What social psychology and relationship science can teach us about conflict in the workplace—and how to manage it, Harvard Business Review Eli J. Finkel, Nour Kteily article
2022 Connect or protect? Social class and self-protection in romantic relationships., Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Eli J. Finkel, Emery F. Lydia article
2022 Taking Chances? How CEO Risk Propensity and Power Affect Internationalization Decisions, Journal of International Business Studies H. Boustanifar, Edward Zajac, F. Zilja article
2022 Is diversity enough? Cross-race and cross-class interactions in college occur less often than expected, but benefit members of lower-status groups when they occur, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Rebecca Carey, Nicole Stephens, Sarah Townsend, MarYam Hamedani article
2022 Expanding the Locus of Resistance: Understanding the Co-constitution of Control and Resistance in the Gig Economy, Organization Science Hatim Rahman, Lindsey Cameron article
2022 Advanced Introduction to Negotiation Leigh Thompson, Cynthia Wang book
2022 The Other Invisible Hand: How Markets -- as Institutions -- Can Propagate Valuation Errors, Strategy Science Sheen Levine, Edward Zajac article
2022 Virtuous startups: The credentialing power of the startup label, Academy of Management: Discoveries Monica Gamez-Djokic, Maryam Kouchaki, Adam Waytz article
2022 Algorithmic discrimination causes less moral outrage than human discrimination, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General Yochanan Bigman, Desman Wilson, Mads Arnestad, Adam Waytz, Kurt Gray article
2022 Digressive victimhood: How dominant groups counter claims of oppression, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology Felix Danbold, Ivuoma Ngozi Onyeador, Miguel Unzueta article
2022 The pandemic as a portal: Reimagining psychological science as truly open and inclusive Allison Ledgerwood, Sa-kiera T. J. Hudson, Neil A Lewis, Keith B Maddox, Cindy L Pickett, Jessica D Remedios, Sapna Cheryan, Amanda B Diekman, Natalia B Dutra, Jin X Goh, Stephanie A Goodwin, Yuko Munakata, Danielle Navarro, Ivuoma Ngozi Onyeador, Sanjay Srivastava, Clara L Wilkins article
2022 Science as a Public Good: Quantifying Uses of Science beyond Science, Nature Human Behaviour Yian Yin, Yuxiao Dong, Kuansan Wang, Dashun Wang, Benjamin F. Jones article
2022 Unexpected employee location is associated with injury during robberies, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Katherine A. DeCelles, Maryam Kouchaki, Nir Halevy article