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Recent Scholarly Research

Our faculty are recognized for their insightful analyses and their ability to push the frontier of thought within their respective academic disciplines and professions. Explore research published by Kellogg Faculty and featured in top-tier peer reviewed journals.
DATE Title Author Type
2023 Electoral Violence and Supply Chain Disruptions in Kenya's Floriculture Industry, Review of Economics and Statistics Christopher Ksoll, Ameet Morjaria, Rocco Macchiavello article
2023 Rigid Production Networks, Journal of Monetary Economics Thomas Pellet, Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi article
2023 The Impact of the Chinese Exclusion Act on the U.S. Economy Nancy Qian working paper
2023 Black-White Income Inequality During Jim Crow: Evidence from “Passing” for White Nancy Qian working paper
2023 “The Political Economic Effect of Chernobyl on Nuclear Energy Investment” Nancy Qian working paper
2023 Social Fragmentation, Elections and Public Goods: Evidence from China Nancy Qian book chapter
2023 Effect of Business Uncertainty On Turnover, Journal of Labor Economics Nicola Persico article
2023 Optimal Procurement With Quality Concerns, American Economic Review Nicola Persico article
2023 • Strategy Beyond Markets: Political Economy from the Business Perspective Nicola Persico book
2023 Rationalizable Learning Andrew S Caplin, Daniel Martin, Philip Marx working paper
2023 Equilibrium Selection Through Forward Induction in Cheap Talk Games, Games and Economic Behavior Nicola Persico article
2023 Product Conflation and Marketplace Transparency in Ethiopia's Commodity Exchange Isaias N. Chaves, Ameet Morjaria working paper
2023 Relational Contracts: Recent Empirical Advancements and Open Questions Ameet Morjaria, Rocco Macchiavello working paper
2023 Circumvention of Law and the Hidden Logic Behind it, Journal of Legal Studies Alvaro Sandroni, Leo Katz article
2023 Robust Contracts: A Revealed Preference Approach Nemanja Antic, George Georgiadis working paper
2023 Privacy in Bargaining: The Case of Endogenous Entry Isaias N. Chaves working paper
2023 Optimal Sample Sizes and Statistical Decision Rules, Theoretical Economics Yuval Salant, Sanket Patil article
2023 Ideology and Performance in Public Organizations, Econometrica Jorg Spenkuch, Edoardo Teso, Guo Xu article
2023 Model Complexity, Expectations, and Asset Prices, Review of Economic Studies Pooya Molavi, Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi, Andrea Vedolin article
2023 Modeling Machine Learning Daniel Martin, Andrew S Caplin, Philip Marx working paper