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Rand McNally: Navigating the Wireless Landscape


Chris Barnett, director of global business solutions for Rand McNally, was deliberating how Rand McNally should respond to the emergence of wireless technologies for its traditional business of providing static maps and route planning services. As maps became electronic, interactive, mobile, and enhanced with value-added features, Rand McNally's mapping business was gravely threatened. Yet, the opportunities for Rand McNally weren't obvious, and the pace at which wireless technology would disrupt its traditional business was also unclear. Chris was considering three opportunities: syndicate Rand McNally's brand and mapping content to popular Web sites, become a provider of value-added services to businesses, or focus on automobile manufacturers and try to forge relationships for providing in-car mapping services. What kind of technology, organizational, and sales force restructuring would be required to align Rand McNally's organization with the new environment? Should Rand McNally jump aggressively into the wireless business, or should it take a "wait-and-watch" approach?




Mohanbir Sawhney, Ben Cooley, Jeff Crouse, James Dougan, John Johnson, Kumar Venkataraman, Shun Zhang

Date Published



Sawhney, Mohanbir, Ben Cooley, Jeff Crouse, James Dougan, John Johnson, Kumar Venkataraman, and Shun Zhang. Rand McNally: Navigating the Wireless Landscape. Case 5-104-038 (KEL103).


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