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A Simulation-Based Design Paradigm for Complex Cast Components, Engineering with Computers


This paper describes and exercises a new design paradigm for cast components. The methodology integrates foundry process simulation, non-destructive evaluation (nde), stress analysis and damage tolerance simulations into the design process. The foundry process simulation is used to predict an array of porosity related anomalies. The probability of detection of these anomalies is investigated with a radiographic inspection simulation tool (xrsim). The likelihood that the predicted array of anomalies will lead to a failure is determined by a fatigue crack growth simulation based on the extended finite element method, xfemand therefore does not require meshing nor remeshing as the cracks grow. In this approach, the casting modelling provides initial anomaly information, the stress analysis provides a value for the critical size of an anomaly and the nde assessment provides a detectability measure. The combination of these tools allows for accept/reject criteria to be determined at the early design stage and enables damage tolerant design philosophies. The methodology is applied to the design of a cast monolithic door used on the Boeing 757 aircraft.




Stephane Bordas, James Gerard Conley, Brian Moran

Date Published



Bordas, Stephane, James Gerard Conley, and Brian Moran. 2007. A Simulation-Based Design Paradigm for Complex Cast Components. Engineering with Computers. 23(1): 25-37.


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